"The ScrapBoard is the neatest product and a must have for every ScrapBooker. It has really opened up a whole new side of scrapbooking for me, my family and friends of all ages are really loving it."

- Stephanie Dwyer
"I have the ScrapBoard on my desk at work. I love that it is such a personal way to display your favorite pictures together with other related items. I have a picture of my girlfriends and I on a charity walk & have displayed the charities lapel pin beside the picture. I have written the date, location & names on the back."

- Lisa Madder
"I love this idea. I cover the ScrapBoard with traditional scrapbooking paper and then create my project. I am then able to enjoy my pictures on my dresser or table.
When I am ready to change my pictures I merely loosen the scrapbook paper from the ScrapBoard and transfer the project into my scrapbook. "

- Judi Kroes
"I have scrapbooking parties for young girls. The past few times I have supplied bags filled with a ScrapBoard, stickers, paper, ribbons, fabric and other supplies for their project. The girls loved that they were able to personalize their own pictures and when they took it home they were able to display it right away."

- Mary-ann George
"It is a high-quality and re-usable product. Great!"

- Lynn Thompson